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How many people saw you cry tonight….how many people are there for you…wait no ones seen me cry cause I cry alone cause I’m like a dessert I cry when no one looks….how many times have I cried myself to sleep….none cause I’m to busy crying to sleep…I read dreams are made up of our desires and fears well I must have a fear of dreaming
-Me :) just thinking out loud in a way
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I’m I really ready to disappear from your life
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I hate it when people do this
Person :what’s wrong
Person: come on I’ll understand what ever ur going through
Me:**tells them
Person: oh I can’t imagine how u feel
Me: but u just said you’d understand
Person: I never said that I said I was here for u
Me : then you’ll help me
Person: I would but I don’t really understand what’s happening
Person: I’m sorry I just don’t like to deal with “that” type of stuff
Me: what’s that supose to mean
Person: your to dromadic I didn’t say anything mean did I
Me:…*walks away
Person: see ur over dromatic and u run away from your problems

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Anonymous asked: hi there. your butt-spanking panda theme is very nice, i have to say.

thanks O.o

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Soul Chibi 

hehe lover it <3 <3
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(11) Tumblr on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/81673041/via/sakkugawa

haha I love this!!!
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got to love her
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Gallant Unicorn